Summer School

3sixty Education is open throughout the summer offering credit courses and tutoring in both July and August. Students are provided with the opportunity to enhance their learning by choosing the One Month or Two-Week Credit Course options.

We offer students with the opportunity to take up to four credit courses through our summer school program. Each full credit course is 110 hours and each half credit courses are 55 hours as specified by the Ministry of Education. 3sixty Education offers small class sizes in which students are provided with the opportunity to directly interact with their teachers and develop a strong student-teacher relationship. We provide a safe environment for students where they can learn and not be afraid to speak out and ask questions in class. Our experienced teachers work with each student considering their specific learning style and customizing a unique individual plan.

Credit courses offered through our Summer School Program are not limited. All the credit courses offered during the year are also offered throughout the Summer School Program.

Summer School Schedule :

Option One Month Two Weeks
1 July 2 – July 29 (Morning and evening classes are available) July 2 - July 16
2 July 17 - July 29
3 August 1 – August 30 (Morning and evening classes are available) August 1 - August 16
4 August 16 - August 30

Please contact us for more information regarding our Summer School Program and our team will be happy to assist you.

Additional Hours: If for any reason a student requires additional hours, there will be a rate of $50.00/hr. charged. The number of additional hours required will be determined in consultation with the family and 3sixty Education.

Class Cancellation and Absences: 3sixty Education provides flexible scheduling to accommodate students. Classes are scheduled in correspondence to the students and teacher’s availability. A student must provide 3sixty Education with a minimum of a 24 hours advanced notice if for any reason a student will be unable to attend a prearranged class. If a student does not provide a notice of cancellation or absence, the time invested by the teacher will be subject to a $50.00/hour fee.