Part-Time Courses

Part-Time Courses are available to students who wish to pursue a credit course at 3sixty Education but at the same time want to maintain their homeschool status. Students choosing to enroll in part-time courses will still benefit from our small class sizes and flexible course scheduling. 3sixty Education offers evening classes throughout the week and is open on the weekends to accommodate students. The timetable of the credit course will be assembled with regards to the availability of the students and is subject to student enrolment. 3sixty Education offers a number of credit courses for students to choose from. Students are permitted to enroll in more than just one credit course at 3sixty Education if they wish to do so. Each credit course is 110 hours, as specified by the Ministry of Education, through which the Ontario curriculum expectations are followed.

Additional Hours: If for any reason a student requires additional hours, there will be a rate of $50.00/hr. charged. The number of additional hours required will be determined in consultation with the family and 3sixty Education.

Class Cancellation and Absences: 3sixty Education provides flexible scheduling to accommodate students. Classes are scheduled in correspondence to the students and teacher’s availability. A student must provide 3sixty Education with a minimum of a 24 hours advanced notice if for any reason a student will be unable to attend a prearranged class. If a student does not provide a notice of cancellation or absence, the time invested by the teacher will be subject to a $50.00/hour fee.