About Us

3sixty Education’s mission is to develop global citizens and leaders of tomorrow by motivating students to take an interest in their education and provide every student with the opportunity to achieve success. We believe that each student brings their own strengths with them. We pride ourselves in accommodating students with flexible class schedules and small class sizes in which students are provided with the opportunity to directly interact with their teachers and develop a strong student-teacher relationship. We provide a safe environment for students where they can learn and not be afraid to speak out and ask questions. Our experienced teachers work with each student considering their specific learning style and customizing a unique individual plan.

Our vision is to make education accessible and motivate individuals to achieve lifelong success. We are committed to working with each student to unlock their hidden potential to achieve great success. We consistently encourage our students to become devoted learners and inspire them to make a positive change in the world. We hope that you feel welcome in our small community of educators and administrative staff.

3sixty Education is open all year round and we offer students with the flexibility to enroll in a credit course at any point of the school year with our Regular-Intake of Courses option.

Courses Offered:

Grade 12

Course Name Course Code Prerequisite
English, Grade 12, University Preparation ENG4U ENG3U
English, Grade 12, College Preparation ENG4C ENG3C
Biology, Grade 12, University Preparation SBI4U SBI3U
Biology, Grade 12, College Preparation SBI4C SBI3C
Chemistry, Grade 12, University Preparation SCH4U SCH3U
Chemistry, Grade 12, College Preparation SCH4C SCH3C
Physics, Grade 12, University Preparation SPH4U SPH3U
Physics, Grade 12, College Preparation SPH4C SPH3C
Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, Grade 12, University/College BOH4M None
Advanced Functions, University Preparation MHF4U MCR3U
Mathematics for College Technology, Grade 12, College MCT4C MCF3M
Foundation for College Mathematics MAP4C MBF3C
Calculus and Vectors, University Preparation MCV4U MHF4U (or co-requisite)
Mathematics of Data Management, University Preparation MDM4U Functions or Functions and Applications
Grade 12 Canadian and International Law CLN4U

Grade 12 Canadian and International Law CLN4U Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and World Studies, English, or Social Sciences and Humanities

Analysing Current Economic Issues, Grade 12, University Preparation CIA4U
World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, Grade 12, University Preparation CGW4U
Philosophy: Questions and Theories, Grade 12, University Preparation HZT4U
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course OLC4O Contact Us

Grade 11

Course Name Course Code Prerequisite
English, Grade 11, Academic ENG3U ENG2D
English, Grade 11, Applied ENG3C ENG2P
Biology, Grade 11, University Preparation SBI3U SNC2D
Biology, Grade 11, College Preparation SBI3C SNC2C
Chemistry, Grade 11, University Preparation SCH3U SNC2D
Chemistry, Grade 11, College Preparation SCH3C SNC2C
Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation SPH3U SNC2D
Physics, Grade 11, College Preparation SPH3C SNC2C
Principles of Mathematics, Grade 11, Academic MCR3U MPM2D
Functions and Applications Grade 11 MCF3M MPM2D/MPM2C
Foundations for College Mathematics MBF3C MPM2D/MPM2C

Grade 10

Course Name Course Code Prerequisite
English, Grade 10, Academic ENG2D ENG1D
English, Grade 10, Applied ENG2P ENG1P
Science, Grade 10, Academic SNC2D SNC1D
Science, Grade 10, Applied SNC2P SNC1P
Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, Academic MPM2D MPM1D
Foundations for Mathematics MPM2P MFM1P

Grade 9

Course Name Course Code Prerequisite
English, Grade 9, Academic ENG1D None
English, Grade 9, Applied ENG1P None
Science, Grade 9, Academic SNC1D None
Science, Grade 9, Applied SNC1P None
Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9, Academic MPM1D None
Foundations for Mathematics MPM1P None