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3sixty Education is committed to providing affordable one-on-one and group tutoring options. We work to create an individualized educational plan for each student, based

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International Students

3sixty Education’s mission is to develop global citizens and leaders of tomorrow by providing every student with the opportunity to achieve success and motivating them to take.

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Summer School

Credits courses during our summer school are offered in both July and August. Students are provided with the opportunity complete up to four high school credit courses.

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Semi-Private Courses

3sixty Education is open throughout the summer in both July and August offering credit courses to students throughout. Students have the opportunity to enhance their learning.

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3sixty Education offers students with the option to purse a credit course in a one-on-one setting. The course will provide students with the opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment.

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Night School/Part-time Courses

3sixty Education offers evening classes throughout the week and is open on the weekends to accommodate students. Student enrolled will benefit from our small class sizes

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Fast Track/Regular Intake Courses

Students are provided with the opportunity to enroll into a credit course at any time during the school year and to complete a credit course faster than the length of our normal terms.

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Types of

We are open all year round and offer students with the flexibility to enroll into a credit course at any time during the course of the academic
school year.

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